How latest changes in travel technology can affect your travel in 2016?

Travelling in earlier times was pretty complicated and irritating as there weren’t any travel booking systems that would allow you to pre-book your flights, buses, trains and hotels and have a peaceful and a hassle free vacation. However, since the emergence of travel technology, things have changed drastically for travel businesses and vacationers

, technology is something that keeps on changing and getting better day by day. The same thing can be said about travel technology, which offers various flexible and innovative features to the traveler that keeps improving. This makes all of us wonder how travel technology will change travel business in 2016.

Well, with Computer Reservation System (CRS) and Global Distribution System (GDS), online travel business have made travelling extremely effortless and pocket friendly with travel booking software allowing easy booking of flights and hotels, but since the travel industry is providing better and convenient services every year, it surely increases our curiosity about what would be the latest offering by the travel industry. Below could be some of the ways travel technology software can offer more convenience and travel friendly services in 2016.

Staying in touch: Enjoying a vacation means keep posting your whereabouts and pictures on social media networks and staying in touch with your family and friends to let them know how well you are enjoying your holiday. You can easily click selfie from your smartphone and directly upload it on your Facebook wallFeature Articles, change your WhatsApp status as you travel to different areas and try new meals and read your business related important emails to not affect your work.

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