Democratic Republic of the Congo Travel Guide


Found in Central Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a
country troubled by its history of war and violence that in some manner
severely affected its cost-effective and social position right at this
moment. This large African country, despite having a history of
struggles, is a minefield of natural beauty and awesome adventure that
can only be experienced when one is prepared to look past the
population’s poverty and the country’s brutal history. Tourists
who visit the capital can visit several of the prehistoric and
ethnological museums that can be found at the Kinshasa University. Even
so, this is not to state that you will not have fun taking in the sights
that the Democratic Republic of the Congo can put forward. The National
Museum is in addition a great stop for tourists who are interested in
the arts history of the country. As Africa is famed for its majestic
wildlife reserve, it’s a must to see the Upemba National Park which
consists of several ponds that are home to hippos and crocodiles.
Another wildlife reserve that can be included in a traveler’s itinerary
is the Virunga National Park. This sprawling 12,000 square kilometer
reserve is surrounded by two mountain ranges that naturally serves as an
enclosure for the numerous animals that live and thrive in the area.
Here, lions, elephants, buffaloes, antelopes and even aquatic birds roam
freely. Although the country is virtually assiocated with the
heat and dry spell, awe-inspiring waterfalls can be found in the
southern part of the country like the Kiobo and Lofol waterfalls. The
Republic of the Congo may have quite some distance to go before it
moves into true economic and tourism progress. But still, traveling to
this country is a valuable, moving experience even without all the
luxury and fanciness of a dream vacation.
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